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Privacy Policy of

Privacy Policy of

We value our customer privacy. please read the following line for knowing the system of your privacy how we maintain.

Information Collection: 

We collect informaiton by google is the most powerful search engine in worldwide. By google analytics we know how many people visit our site daily. When you logon our site then we know your information. This information is not all of your data it just the hit of your ip address. It is important for us because visito is the valueable for our website. 

Site Security: 

We strictly metion our partners site security. We believe the privacy and security is the first thing for online business. So we ensure the total directories data securtiy. We make sure that their have not any malwar or virus problem in our portal. So any one just include with us without any doubt. 

Links to Other Sites: is linked to many other website by SEO woker . We are member of many online organization so they linked our site for the purpose of the referance. 
We also linked so many sites for usefullness of the online newspaper and magazine hunterd to got it very easy. 

We want to log out here for describing our privacy policy. Although if you have any other question then you can send us our feedback by